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God’s Country: Bringing your family together

We love sharing testimonies from our visitors! We pray this story from the Baugh family touches & inspires you to visit God’s Country and to support our work through your donation! God’s Country: A Way to Bring the Family Together Jim, Margaret, Spencer, Jared Baugh Hello. We are the Baugh Family from Jasper, IN. We […]

“God’s country is pure gold”

We love sharing testimonies from our visitors! This testimony of Colleen Buechler, a dear friend of our apostolate, is particularly inspiring! Please share this with your friends & come visit us at God’s Country soon. God’s Country By Colleen Buechler July 2012   God’s Country is a wonderful treasure in southern, Indiana.  I discovered this treasure […]

Have you met Pilgrim George?

Our co-founder Greg Haas has quite an unbelievable story about the most unusual man.    Ten Cents a Mile by Gregory Keith Joseph Haas July 2008 (as remembered August 18, 2015) The economy had tanked! We had little workload! I prayed, “What should I do?” I found myself going to the Country, leaving my wife […]

Do you have what it takes to engage our culture?

We know our culture is becoming more & more secular everyday. Do you have what it takes to engage people in this culture? Do your parishioners, your families, the members of your prayer group, your neighbors have the courage, the words or the tools to bring Christ to every person? On Saturday, July 25, Dr […]

Why does SJHF exist?

We are so grateful to do God’s work at St Joseph’s Holy Family, Inc. When we receive letters like this, we know our blood, sweat and tears are worth it. Thank you for all your sacrifices so we can support families like the Copperwaites.   Dear Mark and Diane, Thank you so much for the lovely […]