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“Missionary Disciples: A Handbook for the New Evangelization based on Evangelii Gaudium


From the author of the first academic article on the New Evangelization in English comes THE practical handbook for engaging in the New Evangelization in your life, your community, your parish, your school…

With this handbook, you can

  • answer the questions “What is the New Evangelization? How did it start? How can I be a part of it?”
  • understand Pope Francis’ thoughts in everyday language
  • understand how Pope Francis analyzes
    • 13 Threats to God’s People
    • 4 Challenges to inculturating the faith
    • 3 Challenges from city living
    • 10 Temptations of pastoral workers
  • pray the prayers of Pope Francis
    • Pope Francis’ Daily Renewal Prayer
    • Litany of pastoral workers
    • Prayer to Mary, Star of the New Evangelization

ORDER THIS BOOK NOW for yourself, your family, prayer group, Bible study, catechists, parishioners, coworkers…
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