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Do you have what it takes to engage our culture?


We know our culture is becoming more & more secular everyday. Do you have what it takes to engage people in this culture? Do your parishioners, your families, the members of your prayer group, your neighbors have the courage, the words or the tools to bring Christ to every person?

On Saturday, July 25, Dr Mark presented to the adult leaders of the Youth Ministries of Corpus Christi, St Philip, and St Matthew parishes, located in Evansville, IN & Mt. Vernon, IN precisely to equip them with the tools they needed to reach their young people.

7-25 YM leaders 2

Based on the joy of the Gospel of the family, to use the words of Pope Francis, Dr Mark’s training included practical tips to evangelize young people as well as a basic outline on how to give your testimony. He used a revision of his book “Missionary Disciples: A Handbook for the New Evangelization based on Evangelii Gaudium” as a resource for his presentation.

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In the presentation he shared

  • the possibility that every Catholic can have a personal relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ, His Son, in the Holy Spirit
  • that we must share this Good News with every Catholic and with every person whom we meet
  • and that we do so most faithfully and most persuasively when we do this with joy!

7-25 YM leaders 37-25 YM leaders 4







The “theology lab” pictured demonstrated the fragility of young lives in a culture of subjectivism and relativism. As many theological concepts are abstract and difficult to grasp, this “hands-on” learning provided a very helpful illustration. We plan to employ this same methodology of kinesthetic learning in the John Paul Institute to train Catholic lay people for the new moral life in the new evangelization.


Have you ordered our handbook for the leaders of your parish yet? We ask a simple donation of $7 donation for each copy of Missionary Disciples, plus shipping and handling. Order here TODAY:

Better yet, book Dr Mark NOW for evangelization training at your own parish! We know our culture needs Jesus. Are your people equipped to engage our culture of relativism?



  1. Mary Blanc, March 31, 2016

    Yes—I believe that I do have “what it takes to engage our culture”…

    And—I believe that I could make a real contribution to Your & St Joseph’s Holy Family, Inc. Program(s)—Dr Ginter… If this might be something that You’d be interested in & willing to explore further.

    Mary Blanc
    (C) 812-459-9823 (txt msgs preferred or leave a voice mail)



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